A Letter from a working Mother to a Stay-at-home-Mother and vice versa


Wow I know this feeling all too well, having been a stay at home mum and a working mum and a studying mum and right now being a bit of everything mum! Being in struggle town is not fun however the success and achievement at the end that benefits, not only us but our families is the best motivation to keep us going!



Dear Stay-At-Home Mum

Some people have been questioning what you do at home all day. I know what you do. I know because I’m a mum and for a while I did it too.

I know you do unpaid work, often thankless work, which starts the moment you wake up, and doesn’t even end when you go to sleep. I know you work weekends and nights, with no discernible end to your day or working week. I know the rewards are joyous but few.

I know that you seldom have a hot cup of coffee or tea. I know that your attention is always divided, often diverted from a moment to moment basis, and you cannot ever count on completing a task in the one go. I know that you probably don’t get any down time when you’re on your own at home, unless you have a single child who…

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The end, not quite yet …..


So I’m sure mostly everyone has finished with assignment 3 thus finished with EDC3100, firstly it has been a pleasure participating in this very full on subject and learning curve with you all, secondly I’m sure we can all agree that the relief felt by finishing is FABULOUS ! But………. i have yet to feel that feeling!

After getting an extension due to delayed ending of prac and having sick kids (who miraculously keep getting sick when I have a lot of work to do!) I am yet to finish my assignment 3 😦

I have completed the learning path, blogs, lesson plans (except some reflections eeekk) but part B and C are really getting me down, just not sure how to bring it all together. I wrote a draft of planning before prac but was also too focused on another assignment due the day prac started (most of you would have done the Webquest too).

Will just have to pull myself out of this juggle of motherhood, working, sick toddlers, endless cleaning and cooking ….. and so on. 

This is all worth it in the end and it has truly been one of the hardest and most fascinating and authentic subjects I have done! 


Reading Eggs


I was reflecting on some of the cool new apps and programs I was exposed to while on prac (still one day left, thanks to public holidays!) I was thinking about things that I would use in the future, while thinking about this I scrolled through my WordPress reader and came across a blog about Raz Kids by Emilie Knopke. I too was lucky enough to experience how great Raz kids is, my students used this kind of ‘online bookshelf’ program on their iPads during literacy rotations.

Another rotation for the lower literacy students was using a program called Reading Eggs. This program was highly praised from my grade 5 mentor and from a prep teacher whom our class did a buddy program with. It is designed to help kids learn to read, to understand what they read and to teach them how to construct sentences. It is multilevel and can be aged based, students work through activities and feedback is recorded for both teachers and parents to access. Although it is a paid for service, the price was very little for the positive impact it will make on students or your own children. 

It is also great because it encourages kids through rewards and reaching goals, engaging with songs and interactive, fun activities. 

Be sure to read up on Reading Eggs and also Raz Kids 

try again… theories and frameworks


My table went a bit nuts so I’m going with this for my theories and frameworks 

CLEM Model

Help understand how to learn about a new ICT and how to use it to enhance student learning.

If there are any new ICTs you need to use it might help your explorations.

Hence might be useful as a part of the planning process for Part B.

TPACK framework

Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge. A way of thinking about the different types of knowledge required to design effective, ICT-rich learning experience. Experiment and practise ICT’s before including them in learning experiences. Making sure that the use of ICT enhances the other knowledge and content of the lesson/learning experience.

Backwards design

A method used to plan a unit or lesson sequence. You begin with the outcomes and assessment first and then plan the learning experiences from the outcomes. Identify curriculum requirements and develop learning experiences starting with the assessment and working backwards.

SAMR Model

Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redifinition.

determining how the ICT enhances learning

Planning to use ICT that creates an experience they may not have been previously able to do without ICT, it is OK to simply substitute to engage students but aim for more modification and redefinition.

TIP Model

The Technology Integration Planning Model. Focus on why ICT is being integrated

1.Determine relative advantage
2. Decide on objectives and assessments
3. Design integration strategies
4. Prepare the instructional environment
5. Revise integration strategies

Use in planning to ENHANCE the learning. Only use ICT’s if it will enhance the learning.

The 5Es

Engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate. Helps teachers to develop inquiry learning approach. Use as a framework for appropriate lessons such as Science or History


WALT and WILF is a tool used to encourage students to be more actively involved in their learning. We are learning to… (WALT = the learning intention) and what I’m looking for (WILF = the success criteria)

Use WALT and WILF in all learning experiences and lesson plans to inform students of lesson objectives and outcomes.


Called a learning theory for a digital age, it seeks to explain complex learning in a rapidly changing social digital world. In the theory, learning occurs through connections within networks. Often associated with and proposes a perspective similar to Vygotsky’s ‘zone of proximal development’ Communication with students and teachers is vital, consider using appropriate ICT based communication.
Bloom’s taxonomy

A framework that categorises the content and questioning used. It goes from lower order thinking to higher order thinking. Create lessons based on Blooms and aim for more higher order thinking. Incorporate ICT’s to enhance the learning and challenge the student

Postman’s 5 things

Technology is always a trade-off.
Technology creates winners and losers
There is a powerful idea embedded in every technology
Technology is ecological, not additive
technology tends to become mythical

Always two sides to using technology. Checking a dictionary or using the spell check in a word document. Keep a balance

Toolbelt Toolbelt T. theory/TEST framework

Toolbelt theory is based in the concept that students must learn to assemble their own readily available collection of life solutions. They must learn to choose and use solutions appropriately, based in the task to be performed, the environment in which they find themselves, their skills and capabilities at that time, and the ever-changing universe of high and low-tech solutions and supports Use real world authentic learning experiences for kids, relative to their world.


Personal knowledge Management. A framework to develop a network of people and sources of information . It a process of filtering, creating and discerning focusing on being a better practitioner. Seek, Sense, Share.

Planning for diversity – respecting student’s religious beliefs




Image source: theyouthcartel.com

Most of my fellow bloggers would have to plan their lessons for many different types of diversity among their students. Most of the types of diversity I have come across during work or prac have been ESL, a student in a wheelchair whom needed assitance in eating and toileting, a student who was participating in Ramadan, students with learning difficulties, students with down syndrome or ASD or ADHD, students who were gifted. I thought I had experienced many types and although I did actually plan many lessons including these students I always found it incredible how the student’s teacher worked with them and embraced their diversity.

I have been reflecting on all of these students because now I am completing prac in a school that follows the C2C  quite closely, obviously the teachers plan according to their cohort of students and use their professionalism for what they deem applicable for each lesson. I have been planning some of my lessons on the C2C but now I have to change it quite a bit because I need to plan for inclusion and diversity . The lesson are on digital animations and comics, much of the texts and the assessment used revolve around fantasy themes such as heroes with powers, monsters, dragons, magic etc, for instance the popular kids movie ‘How to train your dragon’ is a key digital resource. However I have a student in the class who follows the religion of Jehovah Witnesses, which means this student is not to be taught about fantasy themes, such as the ones in this unit, therefore I must plan to incorporate all educational aspects of the unit while respecting her religion. This is possible and I am up for the challenge, however a bit nervous too as I want to have the students explore all the wonderful features of digital animation and yet I want to be sure I am planning for the religious diversity in the class. Here is a link to a website that lists the rules of a Jehovah Witness, I made sure I read through this as there were many things I didn’t know and I must consider when planning. 

Endless uses for ICT – students and teachers


As I have mentioned in a previous post I am ever so lucky to be completing our ICT prac in a 1-1 iPad class for year 5 students in a local state school. I have learnt so many things about iPads that I never knew were possible. Of course I have also come across some of the limitations, such as not being compatible with Adobe Flash Player. However, this doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem for these students because they have a projector (no, not an interactive whiteboard which would have been great) but I am able to connect my iPad via WiFi from the apple TV, or I can use the main computer and play and Flash media I need to and this is great for creating class discussions and working as a whole class. 

I have also seen many resources for teachers and pre-service teachers. This includes digital resources from valuable books like Sheena Cameron’s literacy books, check out her website here! Many Queensland state schools are using her resources! 

I have also enjoyed seeing many of the resources I can access online from my fellow EDC3100 bloggers such as Anouk’s post Teaching Videos – great resource, she was kind enough to share a very useful resource and thought it would be worth sharing too. Thank you Anouk!


Multiplying with lines!


I was shown this video during my first week of prac, one of my mentor’s Facebook friends shared it with her and then my mentor emailed the video to her class. The students then watched the video on their personal iPad. I was able to watch the video with a couple of students who hadn’t seen it yet. It is pretty cool and kind of blew my non mathematical mind.

Starting prac!


So a couple of weeks ago I got an email from my prac teacher, she is a Year 6 teacher in a 1-1 iPad class (more about that later). A few days before prac she learnt that due to personal reasons she had to take the rest of the term off, however was lovely enough to get an associate teacher to be my new prac teacher. My new prac teacher is fabulous and I am very happy to have her as my new mentor. She is a Year 5 teacher in a 1-2 iPad class.

What is a 1-1 iPad class? Now I had previously never heard of these types of classes, I mean I’m sure it wasn’t that long ago I was actually a students in school (7 years to be exact, I do suppose I was one of the last ever grades to have to copy of the blackboard and the horrible old overhead projectors!) and now they are hardly even using workbooks too! This was a slight shock to the system, only because I have been in many schools in the last 4 years where they have introduced interactive whiteboards, had laptops being booked for the classrooms and the teachers use an iPad to mark the role and sometime the students use the 5 available iPads for the class. I thought that was amazing and and come along way since I was a student, but a scheme where every student has their own iPad, they do almost ALL their class work on them using different apps, and uploading their work to shared files for the teacher to mark and even accessing their C2C lessons and doing them by themselves!!!!! MIND BLOWN!

So after the initial overwhelming feelings of what on earth is happening in this classroom and thinking I had completely disappeared into a time warp (even though I love using my new iPad, as some of you may remember the sad death of my old one) I was actually very confident about starting to conduct my lessons.

I have been assigned many English lessons which involves the students completing a summative assessment, they are creating a multimodal feature article. Today I delivered my first lesson, I thought I had this down pat, until………

Me: Now lets go through your answers to tasks 1-3 so we can being task 4…..

Class: (blank faces)

Me: Have you completed tasks 1-3?

Class: No

Me: Have you read the information for the assignment?

Class: No 

Mentor: You should have all done this on Friday ………..

Me: Right, lets start again 

I conducted a lesson I had no plan for then got nearly the whole way through my actual lesson, and I nailed it ! My mentor way very proud of me quickly adapting to the situation and this gave me a great confidence boost.

Moral to the story: you can plan all you like, but in reality things don’t always go to plan. Being a teacher you must learn to change plans and adapt very fast!

I am actually really happy this mishap happened today and I am really looking forward to the next 3 weeks. 




Can I just start by saying WOW to this YouTube clip from Britain’s Got Talent ! I have my own personal history as a victim bullying, I do regret to admit it that I have also been unnecessarily unkind and insensitive to others, I have seen bullying, I have reported bullying, and I pray like crazy that my own children will never suffer the evils of bullying. I originally saw this on Facebook but for some strange reason didn’t watch it (probably because I knew I should have been studying rather than quickly scanning through Facebook) and ironically Facebook being a huge platform these days for bullying.
This song was so incredibly touching it bought tears to my eyes, the lyrics were so raw and true and the chorus was inspiring. I would not hesitate for a second showing this clip in a middle primary class during an anti bullying lesson. I believe this song with become quite public and possibly a hit, but for now take a listen and think about the messages being portrayed and what is means to you and how you could do your part in stopping bullying! Thank you so much for posting lrjones!!

Leesa's Blog

images (3)

Have you ever been bullied?  Have you ever been a bully?  Maybe you have been a bully without realising you were a bully.

I have a passion for trying to stamp out bullying (for my own personal reasons).

The feeling that one has when they are made to feel inferior to another, as a result of bullying  is one of isolation, humiliation, frustration and  even anger.

Today I came across this youtube clip that is inspirational.  The clip is of  two young boys who are auditioning for ‘Britain’s got talent.’  Before they perform one of the boys tells why he wrote the lyrics to the song they perform.   Bullying can be a person constantly taunting another, or it can be a one off occurrence.    No matter how, where or why it occurs it is imperative that as future teachers we  listen to, pick up on and address bullying…

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Take this lollipop


I felt this was the perfect description of how I felt when I too watched the very alarming video called “take this lollipop” which shows a very sinister man finding all the information he needs to track down a woman and then suggests he has committed a horrible act. The aim is to challenge you to take part in having your Facebook information accessed by this program /app, have you checked out and then your information deleted and shown to you how easily it is to find out way too much information about you. I personally do have Facebook and I chose not to take the lollipop (or so it is implied “taking candy from a stranger”) as I chose to just watch the video that Leesa has posted on her blog. I have since changed a few details on my Facebook although my privacy setting were already rather strict.
It is unfortunate that such a great social networking tool can be used in such horrible ways , however the more aware and educated we ALL can be (adults and especially children) the less chance of us not exposing too much.
Great post Leesa!

Leesa's Blog

I have always been wary of the internet.  The thought of my information at the hands of any reasonable hacker is a scary thought.  I am so worried about that someone who has too much time on their hands and no morals could do that I do not even give permission for my kid’s schools permission to publish any photos of my kids online.  However I love facebook and am happy to put pics up of the kids and our farm in fact the amount of data that I have on there for the world to see is alarming !!

So why has this only just come to my attention?  It was in a learning path activity where my lecturer gained my attention on how much personal information I actually have readily available for any Tom, Dick or Harry to access.  David put up a link to the ‘take this lollipop

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